Tustain Jones Data Protection Policy

This policy relates to the following:

All enquiries / job applicants / apprentices / work experience / former employees / and current employees as appropriate to the business of Tustain Jones & Co.

The Data Control Officer is Jean Jones Practice Manager.

Tustain Jones & Co have written a privacy notice within this policy that explains to all employees how their Data is processed and used.

Tustain Jones & Co do not keep any sensitive Data that refers to Race/ Political Opinions/ Religious beliefs /Trade union memberships/sex life or sexual orientation or Criminal records Data only to meet obligations and rights in employment law.

The Data Controller will update data when a data subject notifies them that the data is incorrect.

The data subject has a personal role in keeping their data up to date.


How Data Is Stored

The data is initially stored in a filing cabinet in a separate folder for each member of staff the file is available for the data subject to view on written request to the Data Controller.

The data is also stored on Iris Software for the purpose of Payment of wages and recording sickness and other absences.

Personal data is kept for the duration of employment paper records are destroyed 2 years after employment ceased they will be destroyed by shredding.


The Way Data Is Processed

Initially notes will be taken at the interview of any new applicants for employment with Tustain Jones .The applicant will be given a Application for Employment form to be filled in by the applicant this form contains all the relevant personal data that will be stored and if the applicant is successful the data will be used o open a paper file and to enter data onto Iris software.


Sharing Data

Tustain Jones will not transfer any Data outside the European Economic Area.

The data entered onto Iris Software will be shared with HMRC as a legal requirement.

If an employee of Tustain Jones & Co desires to see the Data held on their behalf a form must be obtained From the Data Controller only to request data to be rectified or for halting the processing of data stating on which grounds.


Clients Data

All employees of Tustain Jones & Co have a responsibility to all clients when handling personal data.

The following procedures must be followed at all times:

  • All client files to be kept separate to ensure no correspondence is ever put onto the wrong file. To make sure of this Tustain Jones & Co have adopted a new policy as follows : All employees to have a clear desk policy to ensure mistakes cannot be made for example only one file at a time open to make sure this does not happen.
  • Clients details must not be shared with anyone without the written permission of the client.
  • Clients files must not be left on reception within view of visitors to reception all confidential information to be kept private at all times.
  • Client business is not to be discussed in reception either by telephone or personally the correct procedure to be followed : A person familiar with the clients business must be alerted to attend the client in an interview room.


Retention of Clients Data

Clients Conveyancing files are kept for at least six years Care files are kept until child reaches 18 years of age. Multiple Conveyancing files are kept indefinitely.
Wills and Probate files kept for a minimum of six years.